Fresh Outlooks & Innovative Solutions for Healthcare and Health Tourism


Led by renowned healthcare industry influencer, Maria Todd, Mercury Healthcare International is the longest established corporate and consumer medical tourism travel and care coordinator in the world, with more than 35 years of experience. Over the years, while she worked "off the radar" coordinating health travel before it had a name, she developed unparalleled expertise with managed care operations and reimbursement. She drew upon training as a surgical nurse (1985-86), a health law paralegal (1988-89) and work experience as the director of provider contracting and network development for health plans and HMOs (1990-1995),  and training as a mediator of health care provider and payer disputes (2001).
Originally, Maria established the company in Florida as HealthPro Consulting Consortium in 1983. The practice expanded to include additional consultants with complementary expertise and services to the current brand, Mercury Healthcare International. She loves teaching and consulting and working as a change agent in organizational development projects.  She trains associate experts and colleagues and her competitors hold her in high regard as the "sensei" and mentor across various domains within managed care and health tourism. Health plans that attempt to take unfair advantage of healthcare providers regard her as a formidable opponent at the negotiation table because she can see right through their tactics and maneuvers.
The present company has two primary operating segments: International Healthcare Business Consulting Services and Medical Travel Care Coordination.

Pulling levers to shape the narrative on the business of healthcare and health tourism

"Pulling" a lever (or levers) means to actually pursue a specific initiative (or set of initiatives). If each switch represents an initiative in the impact-generating machine, then "to pull a lever" means to activate or pursue that specific initiative. If you think of your consultant as a coach to help you generate your desired type of impact, then the levers are the switches that we recommend turning on (or off) for specific parts of your machine. Our options are limited only by regulations and creative approaches designed to improve your business. Our creativity comes from decades of lessons learned and formal training.

If each lever generates more impact, you might wonder why the we don't just pull all the levers simultaneously. Let us assume that each lever requires a certain amount of resource (i.e., people, time, effort, and capital) to run each part of the machine once the lever is pulled. We help you determine which levers will generate the most impact to meet your goals as quickly as possible with the highest efficiency in terms of invested effort, time, labor, and cash. We show you ways to mitigate risks associated with any levers. Sometimes these levers can be out of your control or cause negative side effects that can diminish your outcome.  We narrow down choices to choose the levers most relevant to your business situation and goals. You benefit from less trial and error while saving time and money.

To create impact for you, we rely and analyze data. The Center for Health Tourism Strategy is our internal resource portal established to help our consultants locate useful, relevant information from a wide range of sources. We maintain access to subscription, obscure, and/or proprietary data beyond what engagement teams and clients can access themselves. The Managed Care Institute is our other internal resource portal. Within these two pillars, our knowledge portals are the self-service repositories where we maintain the firm's library of Practice Documents ("PDs"), reports and presentations on a wide range of industry, operations, regulatory compliance and client topics.  Some of the resources in each portal are made available to our clients and visitors on each website.


Mercury Healthcare International has incredibly knowledgeable experts on nearly every function an engagement team would need. Some are consultants who happen to have worked deeply on a particular topic and have built hands-on, client experience. Others are hired specifically for their expertise in a particular area within healthcare, tourism, hospitality, marketing, advertising, branding, compliance, pricing and contracted reimbursement.

Our experts can be contacted in many ways. The most common are:

  • Email - ideal for quick questions that can be asked and answered easily
  • Phone interview - usually 30 or 60 minutes long, better for more complicated topics and/or issues requiring many follow-up questions
  • In-person interview at our office or your location - ideal for longer appointments or where brainstorming or situation assessment is necessary


More than 100 niche specialty experts are associated with Mercury Healthcare International's Advisory Group. They are located throughout the world, but are mostly U.S. based. In some cases, we add experts to our team for your project for a specific project for a short term. Their work is focused, their deliverable is explicit, and they engage for as long as necessary.  This business model enables us to maintain a lower headcount resulting in lower project costs. You are always in control. At any time, a project or engagement can be revised, expanded or scaled down to accommodate a change in direction and experts added or dropped off accordingly. All change orders and expenditures on your behalf require your written authorization.

At Mercury Healthcare International, each consulting expert is engaged on an independent contractor basis. All consultants source opportunity leads for one another in a guild-like arrangement. To apply for a consulting expert affiliation with our Advisory Group, an expert must have completed a Master's Degree in Healthcare Business Administration or MBA-HA and have at least 15 years of post graduate clinical and administrative experience in the business of healthcare.  After review of the consultant's qualifications and experience with the client, assignments are awarded by Maria Todd, personally, and aligned to the client's needs and business objectives.

From time to time, we offer educational internships to mentor special research projects or directed independent study. These are always unpaid internships and subject to our availability. In accordance with our brand standards and business model, we do not hire recent graduates.  Generally, experts become affiliated with our Advisory Group by invitation only.

Executive Assistants:
EAs are the gatekeepers to important people at the firm and can help you get on their calendars. Our EAs collaborate as focal points to scheduling meetings requiring multiple experts and our clients. Our EAs can work with clients' EAs to resolve the most challenging scheduling conflicts and make critical client meetings happen - at our offices or at client sites where travel is required.

  • Travel planning - Backstopped by our medical tourism travel agency, EAs make travel plans for our experts to join up complex travel itineraries that integrated speaking engagements, on site consultations, training workshops, and field research for consultants on the go. They manage visa and passport details, hotel reservations, dining reservations, and ground transfers in collaboration with client EAs on the other end of each engagement.
  • Expense reports - EAs help with expense reports to free up our experts for other activities.
  • Client timekeeping and billing - EAs manage client timekeeping and invoicing to free up our experts for other activities.


Maria Todd is a "hands on" CEO.  Her work has earned her the respect of healthcare practitioners and executives worldwide in the fields of healthcare business administration and medical tourism. Few experts in the world can compare to her clinical, administrative, operations and health law paralegal background coupled with travel marketing and branding.


As part of the Mercury Advisory Group consultancy, Maria Todd and several of the other experts offer Master Classes in managed care contracting and negotiation, branding and marketing strategy, shared risk arrangements between insurance plans and providers, direct with employer contracts and more.

Courses are arranged around the world either by the Advisory Group experts (open to the public) or as private in-house training at the client's preferred location.  Executive leadership and training retreats and workshops are held in either Denver, Colorado, or St George, Utah.


We charge rates that are competitive in the U.S. for a boutique healthcare industry consulting firm. These rates are generally lower than larger firms with larger overhead and headcounts.

  • Prices are generally charged per hour are set by each expert and vary by location, experience, and project duration.  We advise the hourly rate once the expert has been decided and your project scope defined in writing.  Consultants charge in quarter-hour increments.
  • On occasion, proposals for short term projects (generally 2-10 days in the field) are flat fee and include travel and accommodation to cover all team members who may participate in your assignment. Longer term projects are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Engagements scheduled outside our offices that require travel to an alternate location are charged on a per diem basis. We adjust the project fee proposal in cases where the client wishes to provide accommodation or unrestricted international business class air travel at their expense.
  • Per diem rates are calculated on the assumption of an 8-hour work day with meal breaks. We will expand an agenda to a 10-12 hour work day when necessary - upon advance notice.  A calculation for travel time is always included at 50% of the expert's usual billing rate. 
  • Discounts are extended to clients who have spent in excess of USD $30,000 with us in a single year or by other special arrangement.
  • We begin work on your assignment upon receipt of an advance deposit on account.
  • We book travel or accommodation upon receipt of advance payment and a fully-executed contract.

Reach out to us

Mercury Healthcare International
600 17th Street
Suite 2800, South Tower
Denver, Colorado USA 80202
(800) 727.4160


We donate both service and money to vetted, worthy, social causes to legitimate nonprofit associations.

We volunteer in our communities, and in service to the industry. Our volunteer activities include service as board directors, advisers, committee chairs, lecturing at local community events, and contributing time, expertise and insights on special task forces and ad hoc committees.


We maintain compliance with community standards.

We act as good citizens in the industry.

We participate in various sustainability initiatives, mostly centered on training and professional capacity development.

We carefully accept assignments and consultation projects from organizations and individuals who align with these values by mitigating risk, harm and poverty, and improving trust and reputation.


We address societal needs and challenges in our work. Our international development project assignments often involve:

  • environmental improvement
  • education and workforce skills
  • improved health access, quality and safety
  • economic development
  • water use and conservation
  • energy efficiency
  • business productivity
  • innovation and new business models
  • integrating healthcare delivery silos
  • understanding customer health and wellness needs and cultural requirements
  • integration of technologies
  • establishing new healthcare value chains
  • improvement in local healthcare delivery infrastructure, and
  • creation of new international healthcare delivery infrastructures

Through these professional activities, we make profit.