International Private Medical Insurers (IPMI) contract with hospitals, clinics, doctors, dentists, ground and air ambulance services, and others to serve plan members including expatriates, local nationals and business travelers, worldwide.

Above all, they seek to contract with responsive, high quality, safe healthcare providers who agree to submit timely, accurate and honest invoices, submit medical records for audit and coverage determinations, agree to participate in pre-certification, pre-authorization and concurrent review, agree to abide by plan case management decisions, and are willing to negotiate fair prices for Covered Services.

But on the flip side, are their contracts clear and unambiguous? Not always!

Many IPMI contracts are laden with loopholes and latent ambiguity leaving providers at risk for denied claims and denial notifications received long after the patient has left the facility.  This is exacerbated by the "cashless system"  that most tend to negotiate. That's because if ultimately the insurer decides not to honor the claim, there's little practical recourse against the patient without lots of additional international collections effort and expense.  Success percentages on collections recovery of these ultimately denied claims have historically been in single digits.


Maria Todd brings Master Class participants more than 30 years of experience contracting and negotiating with international private medical insurers and self-insured employers.  She trains health facility contract analysts and negotiators what to look for, how to counteroffer more equitable language and identify the loopholes that place both inpatient and outpatient healthcare facilities, ambulance and medical and dental practitioners at risk for non-payment and increased costs to collect what’s owed to them.

But you have to act quickly to claim your seat. Maria’s Master Class is offered only twice each year and class registration is limited to only 12 lucky participants.

Register Now for this two-day Master Class with Maria Todd, the world’s leading expert on contract negotiations with international health insurance plans.

Maria is frequently engaged to advise hospitals, clinics, investors and government authorities at medical tourism destinations, worldwide on medical tourism and insurance contracting strategies. Most of these assignments include a situation analysis and deep, detailed site inspection.  As a globally recognized industry influencer, IPMI insurers and self-insured employers trust her recommendations for fast track network inclusion into their approved provider network. That's because they respect her observations and her experience as a former surgical nurse, hospital executive and health plan provider relations and contracting manager. They trust her to be brutally honest as a trained and experienced observer. Usually invitations to join the insurers network of approved providers are then sent without delay. 

Providers benefit from Maria's past work experience and professional post graduate training as a health law paralegal, healthcare dispute mediator, and former hospital executive. She has helped more than 4000 hospitals and clinics on five continents win contracts with third-party payers.  These payers include IPMI insurance companies, self-insured employers, DIWAN programs, and managed care plans. Providers establish solid and sustainable business relationships with health plans, negotiate equitable payment rates, accelerated payment, and find they need to appeal fewer denied claims. 

There are fewer than five individuals working globally who can claim comparable experience and expertise in this very specialized, niche domain. None of the others have the unique combination of clinical, hospital management and health plan work experience that Maria brings to the international negotiation table.  None of the others have authored eighteen internationally-published, peer-reviewed professional trade books on insurance contracting, physician employment contracting, physician integration and alignment, and medical tourism program development. And none of the others have been hired to teach 2000+ workshops, seminars, webinars, private on-site workshops and Master Classes on payer-provider contracting over the past three decades.  Her client list includes many of the world's leading, globally-recognized health systems and institutions.

When you attend this class, you benefit from insights arising from her combined work experience and more than 30 years of lessons learned working with IPMI and other health insurance contracts and revenue management challenges.

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October 5-6, 2017


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USD $695

Course materials, breakfast and lunch and break refreshments are included each day.  After the first day of class, enjoy refreshments and hors d'oeuvres with your classmates as you enjoy a spectacular red mountain sunset at a private reception hosted by Maria.

Travel and accommodation expenses are not included.

Master Class participants are entitled to 20% discount from published room rates and enjoy associate member golf privileges at this exclusive, members-only country club for the duration of their stay.  Plan to stay a few days extra and explore the nearby national parks and attractions in the area.

You are also welcome to use the spa, fitness center, tennis, pickleball, or to visit the casinos and entertainment in Las Vegas, a 90-minute drive south, easily accessible by frequent shuttle service.

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