Creative healthcare marketing drives success, recognition, growth and revenues.  It comes from the right approach, skillful marketing mix, expert data analysis, and the courage to fail quickly and often in order to learn more.

We are so fortunate to have a network of expert marketers and an experienced creative team available to ask about the always-changing healthcare marketing landscape

They understand new conditions, competition — and help our clients adapt and innovate within them — to realize exponential returns.

Our healthcare marketing experts address the toughest questions about healthcare and health tourism social media, traditional and online marketing, paid advertising, public relations, and professional and facilities branding.  Their answers will help you create exceptional marketing and advertising campaigns that resonate with your ideal customers and search engine web crawlers to achieve desired results and catapult your brand to new heights.

People buy and use health products and services because they want to make themselves better or they have a pain point to solve. They “hire” products and practitioners to perform a specific “job.”   Soon, with our help, you will create a patient experience that aligns with and delivers what they expected - and more!

On the other hand, penetrating the private for profit and not-for-profit health system market requires a different approach from the traditional sales model of engaging providers or facilities on a hospital-by-hospital, clinic-by-clinic basis. Due to the size and complexity of regional, national and international integrated health system networks, decision-making processes for marketing the system are centralized and individual providers have less influence. We bring insights and examples from working with leading global healthcare brands that can be used to adjust sales and territory goals and identify new opportunities.

We supply advanced digital marketing services that complement (but do not replace) traditional healthcare marketing and public relations efforts. These tools and services raise your effectiveness and efficiency without adding the high costs associated with human labor to perform work that can and should be automated.

We understand the global healthcare marketplace from a well-rounded perspective.

  • We've studied the market, the healthcare consumer, their culture and lifestyle, the technology and apps they use and how they use them.
  • We understand the clinical and technical issues. You benefit from shorter consultant learning curves for your assignment, saving you countless hours in fees compared with marketing generalists without clinical training and healthcare sector hands-on experience from the trenches.
  • We discover your ideal consumers' behaviors, buying cycles, mind maps, and targeted consumer perspectives on brands, brand awareness, brand loyalty, localization and engagement.
  • We analyze real, market-driven, discounted and negotiated prices, competitor package designs, your direct competitors, comparative service delivery, localization and destination attractiveness, ease of access, and consumer-perceived value assignment.
  • We scrutinize brand partnerships, halo effect, reputations and affiliation risks.

Each of these elements are taken into consideration in every situation analysis and used to determine which recommended strategies should be executed by you and explain our reasoning with facts and supporting data and tacit knowledge rooted in context, experience, practice and intuition.  We transfer this knowledge and insight to you through social sharing platforms, blogs, white papers, articles on LinkedIn's Pulse, published books and manuals, public seminars, webinars, workshops, Master Classes, individual private coaching and retained trusted adviser services.



For each marketing campaign you launch, create a chart to analyze the following:

  • Who responded or reacted
  • What actions did they take
  • How much revenue was realized
  • How well it worked against projected results and expectations
  • What you will replicate or do differently the next time
  • What unexpected value or insights were realized from the campaign


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