Learn about the effective implementation of policies and strategies that drive health and wellness tourism competitive identity for nations, states and cities.


What market research must you conduct? Which data must be gathered and analyzed to identify your ideal customers and source market characteristics, needs, and preferences?


The role of national governments in promoting health and wellness tourism place identity through policy and framework development. The impact of the Nation Brand on State and City Brands. 


Public-private partnership development for health and wellness tourism. The role of of private sector health clinics, hospitality providers, ground transportation and destination management coordinators in the health and wellness tourism schema.


Protecting your destination's name and image when a negative media storm arises if things go wrong in health and wellness tourism. Roles, responsibilities and practicable solutions for image management and dispute resolution without public litigation.


University and vocational technical education programs. Recommended curriculum development and outline for Certificates and Masters' level diplomas in healthcare business administration, hospitality and travel management, and health and wellness tourism management for tomorrow's industry leaders.


Connecting your place brand with key industry sectors to attract talent and tourism and drive economic competitiveness. Practical ideas that drive health and wellness tourism place brand positioning. Developing and leveraging your niche assets through event and attraction pairings.


Urban and regional development for health and wellness tourism: engaging local citizens and leveraging leverage business improvement, creative innovation, and historic districts in your place branding and marketing strategy. Creating place brand influencers for greater economic development and jobs creation.


Transitioning locally-recognized "super brands" to global brands. For health and wellness tourism services, the process and messaging strategy is far more complicated than simply declaring one's global brand intention and inviting international visitors to schedule appointments.


For health and wellness tourism destinations, digital storytelling mastery is a constant challenge. Learn how social and digital media can be harnessed to tell the story of your place. Understand the tactical and technical aspects of digital storytelling in ways that are relevant to and connect with your targeted visitor.



Planners & Regulators


Hospitals & Clinics


Deans & Faculty Members


Investors, Hospitality & Travel


City Tourism Boards

Health Facilities

Resorts & Hotels

Airlines & DMCs


Roundtable Discussions About Why Health and Wellness Tourism Matters to Communities and Identity

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SESSION 1 Roundtable Discussion

In health and wellness tourism, economic development is about cultivating creative, authentic communities that attract, retain, and foster medical, dental and other talented specialists. This specialized niche of tourism must convince visitors to select your destination because of the three main qualities attach people to place: social offerings, openness, and a community’s aesthetics. The touch points for effective health and wellness tourism placemaking—from physical development and space use to on-the-street programming—takes each of these factors into account. Health and wellness tourism placemaking goes far beyond appointment setting for consultations and surgical procedures, but instead, is about creating comprehensive destination experiences that leverage physical and cultural improvements across entire neighborhoods and communities. 

SESSION II Lecture with Q&A

The health travel industry and destination marketing are undergoing rapid maturation, particularly by the rapid evolution of technology and changes in consumer behavior. Learn about trends and insights that are already changing the landscape and those that could possibly disrupt the field in the nearby future. Understand the modern medical tourism consumer decision journey and how marketers should engage with the targeted audiences. Discover how innovation and technology are enhancing the medical visitor's experience. Understand how integration of data from medical records, tourism arrivals, predictive analytics, virtual reality, augmented reality, geolocation and targeting, Internet of Things, voice based interfaces and modern CRM techniques all play into the health and wellness tourism strategy and infrastructure.

SESSION III Marketer & Facilitator Training

 To ensure the optimal destination experience for visitors, health and wellness tourism marketers and facilitators must set expectations that are accurate and deliverable. Health and wellness tourism marketers and facilitators require training and support to promote the destination to ensure that all destination branding messages remain within brand standards and parameters.

SESSION IV Roundtable Discussion

Health and wellness tourism can bring many economic and social benefits to communities. This manifests in jobs creation, health facilities improvement, attraction of medical talent, foreign investment, tax revenues and more. But measuring the economic impact of the sector for destinations is often underappreciated and challenging. Stakeholders and government authorities alike need a detailed process for developing a comprehensive economic impact analysis and sorting out data collection and taxation for sustainable ongoing market growth and development. Participants will create a road map for data collection, including how to measure and evaluate and develop operational approaches to calculate health and wellness tourism related revenues of various businesses such as clinical, transportation, F&B, lodging and entertainment. Finally, the session will explain how community leaders can use the results to make informed decisions on FDI, local funding, marketing and centralize call center operations and information portals to enable them to carefully analyze trends, successes and future needs.


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