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Led by renowned healthcare industry authority and influencer, Maria Todd, Mercury Healthcare International is a long established specialty healthcare business consultancy in the USA, with more than 35 years of experience.  Originally, Maria established the company in Florida as HealthPro Consulting Consortium in 1983. The practice expanded to include additional consultants with complementary expertise and services to the current brand, Mercury Healthcare International. We've grown with the industry and worked through all the chaotic changes that have occurred in the regulatory, reimbursement, technology, and healthcare business operations environment. We bring fresh outlooks and are always working through new innovations to drive our clients' results and success.
Rather than spend paragraphs on her bio, simply search Maria Todd + any healthcare topic listed below to locate books, papers, and articles on various blogs and journals, media interviews, and training classes and workshops she teaches across the Internet.

Maria and her team cover:

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"I would like to thank you for the exceptional advice and continuous support you provide to Georgian Association of Medical Tourism (GAMT). The industry insights and expertise you provide are invaluable to anyone wishing to become a leading player in Medical and Wellness Tourism.

The discussion we had today, during your consultancy hour helped me to sharpen the focus for finalization of new market development tool GAMT is working on.  I'll keep my eyes open for opportunities to work with you and with Mercury Advisory Group in the future." 

Director, Business Development of Integrated Health Delivery System, Midwest USA

"Mercury Advisory Group has been performing contract and payer reviews, benchmarking information, and assisting in our most critical payer contract negotiations, for more than ten years.  Maria Todd delivers value for our integrated health system through her expert analysis, timely communication and quick responsiveness. We wouldn't be where we are today without Maria and her team of experts."

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Medical Travel Coordination Services Include

  • Consultations and Continuity of Care Management
  • Bundled case prices that include travel, medical services, and destination transfer coordination and accommodations
  • Medical and Dental Checkups
  • Dialysis Travel Coordination
  • Medical Tourism
    • Cancer evaluation and staging and treatment plans
    • Clinical investigation and drug / device trials
    • 2nd opinion consultations
    • Orthopedics and Spine Care
    • Cardiac Care
    • Urology and Gynecology
    • Liver and Pancreas Disease
    • Infertility (Male and Female)
    • Gender Dysphoria and Sexual Reassignment Surgery
    • Performing Arts Medicine
    • Sports Medicine and  Concussion Treatment
    • Weight Loss Surgery
    • Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics
    • Stem Cell Treatments
    • Cancer Treatments and Surgery
    • Solid Organ Transplants (Restrictions apply)
  • Dental Tourism
    • Dentures in a Day
    • Orthodontics
    • Implants
    • Special Complex Procedures
    • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Addiction Recovery
    • Drugs
    • Alcohol
    • Eating Disorders
    • Sex Addiction
    • Depression and Anxiety
    • PTSD
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    • Intensive Physical Rehab
    • Aquatic Therapy
    • Hot Mineral Springs and Thalassotherapy (sea water)
    • Salts, Muds and Clays
    • Burn Care and Recovery

Medical Travel Coordination


Mercury Healthcare International has been serving corporate and consumer clients so that they can access care and specialists across the USA and in 115 other countries.  We have the largest and longest established Approved Provider Network in the world. We've been helping self insured employers and private consumers locate providers, obtain pricing, and coordinating all travel, paperwork, and care coordination and outcomes measurement and support since 1983.

Each provider we recommend or work with has been inspected by our team of clinical experts and the credentials, training and experience has been verified for every physician on your care team, not just the primary surgeon. We published our infrastructure and operational framework and in 2010, we received a trademark registration for our network design, referred to as a Globally Integrated Health Delivery System® from the US Patient and Trademark Office.

We approve hospitals, clinics, spas, hotels, dialysis providers and other health facilities and indicate their status with our proprietary mark. There are no degrees of approval. The criteria and determination is either pass or fail.


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Mercury Healthcare International

Health Travel Care Coordination Unit
600 17th Street
Suite 2800, South Tower
Denver, Colorado USA 80202
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